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Super fluffy mashed potatoes

Hi guys, welcome to Sugar Salted! Maybe you haven’t notices the name change since the blog looks the same… but welcome welcome welcome! I’m so happy we’re finally meeting in the Sugar Salted camp.

Hearty vegetable barley soup

I posted this barley photo to Instagram a few ads ago, wondering what your thoughts are and a few of you replied with some major barley appreciation which makes me so happy! I love hearing what you guys think or get some tips.

Dandelion egg salad + crostini

It’s dandelion season! Or it has been for a while now. For me it really isn’t fully spring until the grass is full of yellow dandelion blossoms and tiny white daisies. I love it so much that if I had a house and my own yard, I probably wouldn’t even mown the lawn, because flowers are just prettier.

Potato sauerkraut stew (vegan + GF)

Here’s what I don’t get: Why is it always sunny during the week but come weekend it’s grey and crappy outside? It messes with my plans.

potato sauerkraut stew vegan gluten free

It’s funny because during the summer I normally do my best to hide from the sun. You put me out there for 10 minutes unprotected in the middle of the day and I’ll be the prettiest lobster around. More like the only lobster and not that pretty, but that’s beside the point.