If someone asked 18-year-old me whether food was something I wanted to work with one day I probably would’ve laughed and then said NO.

Sure, I loved my school’s cooking classes when I was a kid. And I was always my mom’s shadow in the kitchen, stealing spoonfuls of whatever she was making. Even my first job was food related; I was 16 and I worked at a McDonald’s, of all places.

But still, the answer to that question would’ve been no. I would’ve said I wanted to be in a creative field, be my own boss, have a career. However life is funny, because whatever plans I had at that point, life had other plans. So here I am, years later, and it all makes sense. 

See, I’ve always had a passion for writing, creating, photography and food, for all things connected to people and stories. And I started this website as a creative outlet, with no clear direction in the beginning. But after a few years, it grew into something more. It’s my online home, a space for me to talk about food and share it with you. To inspire you to cook and bake and take pride in that.

The food that I make is inspired by everything around me; my family, my Slovenian heritage, places I’ve traveled to, stories I read.  I am as obsessed with sweet recipes as I am with savory, hence the name Sugar Salted. It’s important to me to have balance, so I am as much pro-healthy as I am pro-comfort food and you’ll see that when you look at my recipes. 

And as cliche as it sounds, the kitchen is my happy place. I can get completely lost in a recipe and forget about the world. Give me a camera and I’ll take pictures for hours and not get bored. I love it. And as you read through the recipes, I hope you see that. 

You can connect with me on Instagram. If you want to work with me, all the info on that is right here.