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Holiday yogurt parfaits

You know, I’ll be completely honest. The colder it gets outside, the fattier I want my food to be. I also sometimes don’t want to leave my bed, because staying under the covers is more comfortable and warm. And usually Kim is right there lying on top of me and as a good cat mom I always carefully lift the covers and move her hoping she doesn’t wake up.

She of course does, because she’s my shadow and if I get up, so does she. But that’s really round two. Unfortunately we’re still at the stage where she wakes up around 5 AM each day, nags a bit and then goes back to sleep.

holiday yogurt parfaits

Speaking of waking up, it takes about 5 alarms to get me to wake up in the morning. That and Rok’s coffee. I am working on fixing this, mainly by going to bed at a more appropriate hour, but so far no luck, I really suck at this.