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Plum blueberry coconut crisp

One of the best ways you can use up ripe summer fruit is to make this plum blueberry coconut crisp. This is a comforting no-fuss dessert for a crowd, that combines ripe plums and blueberries (cooked in lemon and sugar) and…

Blueberry mascarpone cream pie (tart)

Perfect dessert to celebrate summer with, this blueberry mascarpone cream pie (tart) is made with a sweet tart shell and filled with a generous amount of velvety smooth mascarpone cream. Topped with wild jammy blueberries that take it to another…

Blueberry pie cookie bars

Easy to make blueberry pie cookie bars that satisfy every berry, cookie, buttery pie craving you might have this summer!  This is one of those recipes that makes turning on the oven so worth it! I guess every recipe is…

Coconut blueberry oat smoothie

I hope you don’t mind me sharing another breakfast with you, because I just did that, but I really had to show you this coconut blueberry oat smoothie. It’s gotten so warm this week I’m currently skipping the warm oatmeal…

Oatmeal fudgy skillet cookie + blueberry sauce

You know, I’ll just jump right into it. I’ve been wondering what to name this recipe. I think fudgy skillet cookie works great, but this is more than just a cookie.

It’s loaded with chocolate and chocolate chips, so it could be a brownie. It’s got oats which remind me of an oatmeal cookie. It’s served with a thick blueberry sauce and vanilla ice cream, which is a bit over the top and gives me cake or trifle vibes.

oatmeal fudgy skillet cookie blueberry sauce vanilla ice cream

You could also simply call this your Friday night date. I’m not kidding, because that doesn’t sound bad at all. And you know I’d never judge you.

Brownie, cookie, potato, potahto, … I opted for fudgy skillet cookie. I like the sound of that, as it satisfies all my sweet cravings at once. I can just feel the gooey chewy chocolate bits, without even having a bite.