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Royal vegetarian bean beet burger

Did I ever tell you about my first job? I don’t think I did. I got my first official have-to-sign-a-contract type of job when I was 16 and it was at a local McDonald’s. My friend was already working there and she told me to apply for a position. I went in for an interview with a manager, got the job and started working there pretty much immediately. I worked there after school, on the weekends and often during the school holidays. I remember kind of hating the job but loving it at the same time, because I got paid and I needed the money.

royal vegetarian bean beet burger

I worked at all stations and looking at all the jobs I’ve had, I think working there was the hardest. Maybe because I was so young and maybe because it was just exhausting. The heat, the smell of grease, the time pressure, none of that was easy to handle. The uniform was uncomfortable and I ruined a pair of shoes there.

Refreshing red quinoa salad with peas, beans and herbs

After that lasagna recipe, I thought it was time to share something lighter and more refreshing. It’s gotten really warm around here and so I’ve been thinking of salads a lot more and enjoying them a lot more too. And with the modest garden I’ve planted, I really want to make more recipes that call for a lot of herbs.

refreshing red quinoa salad
Thinking of what to make I turned to Yotam for inspiration. I am a big fan of his work and his cookbooks will make your mouth water more than any other out there, in my humble opinion. My eyes got stuck on a red quinoa salad from Plenty More, the mention of parsley and lemon was enough for me to give it a try.

Colorful cabbage and potato salad with beans

It’s starting to look and smell a lot like Spring around here and I love it. The days are longer, trees are full of tiny buds, the birds are chirping again and it’s getting warmer; so warm I’ll have to start wearing my spring coat soon. I wish it could stay like this all year. I spoke to my grandma a few days ago right when she was in the garden putting her flowers in and it really made me wish I had a garden. I hope I do get to have one some day. I have some indoor plants right now and I want to plant some herbs too, but there’s only so much I can do. But I love the idea of having your own garden and watching everything grow. My grandparents have been doing it all their lives, they grow their own vegetables, have a few fruit trees, even grapevines, and their little house and yard are completely decked out in lovely flowers.

colorful cabbage and potato salad with beans

Although I just shared a perfect Spring salad, I thought I’d share a more wintry too. This cabbage and potato salad is colorful, but uses produce that has been in season (at least here) for months, so everything is easy to get and very, very affordable. You can’t really beat something that is good yet cheap, right? I picked up the habit of adding potatoes to salads from my mom. She always did that, especially during the colder months, to add some bulk and flavor to her greens. […]