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Lasagna-style zucchini spinach pasta bake

When you want all those lasagna flavors, but don’t feel like spending too much time arranging everything neatly, make this lasagna-style zucchini spinach pasta bake. This vegetarian baked pasta makes a really great dinner. And you’ll love the leftovers just…

Lemon ricotta zucchini pasta

This just might be my favorite quick summer dinner. And with a mix of flavors that take me all the way to Italy. This lemon ricotta zucchini pasta comes together very quickly. It is made with a 30-second ricotta sauce,…

Summer corn zucchini pizza

Okay it’s summer, we’re in the middle of a heatwave and I’m sick of it already… but I did say I still make us pizza every week. I did say that! And so here we are with this summer corn…

Guacamole cabbage bean tacos

Crunchy, zesty, cheesy, … all vegetarian guacamole cabbage bean tacos. If you read my Summer faves post, you know that guacamole was on my list of favorite things to eat during the summer, however in reality, it’s my favorite year-round.…

Poppy seed + sweet zucchini pie

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t sure if sharing this recipe would be a good idea. The pie itself is great and definitely worthy of sharing, but since I’m using zucchini and we’re in the last week of October I feel like I’m really pushing it ingredient-wise. I don’t want to share something you can’t recreate in your own kitchen and I try to stick to seasonal ingredients because of this.

poppy seed sweet zucchini pie

But fingers crossed you live in an area where you can still get some zucchini, after all this is still October and we’re not buried in snow just yet. I know a lot of food gets imported and we can buy produce out of season, but I try to avoid that because the difference in taste is noticeable (and the price higher).

Fried zucchini salad + tartar sauce

There’s a pizzeria in my hometown that serves what they call a fried salad. It’s made of lettuce. mixed with fried zucchini, eggplant and fried cheese, tomatoes, corn and a dressing similar to tartar sauce. It’s very good and super indulgent. The last time I had it was years ago, when I still lived there.

fried zucchini salad tartar sauce mozzarella

I rarely eat fried food, which is why I don’t feel bad on those occasions when I do. When I crave that fried salad, I make my own version at home. Sometimes I make it with vegetables and mozzarella sticks, on other days I prefer to make it with fried zucchini. While the pizzeria’s salad has a few different fried components altogether, I prefer to include only one at a time (either fried cheese or zucchini, but never both at the same time).