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Birthday cake chocolate pudding

Why have chocolate pudding, when you can have birthday cake chocolate pudding?! Ohhhh, I cannot tell you how much I love chocolate pudding. It’s one of my favorite things to have for dessert or a lazy breakfast. I know it’s not…

Easy vanilla blueberry shortcakes

Make use of blueberries – make these easy vanilla blueberry shortcakes! Why not skip the classic strawberry shortcake and make individual blueberry shortcakes instead? They’re just as good… or dare I say even better?

Easy strawberry Eton mess

Have you ever gone to the grocery store or farmer’s market with a specific ingredient in mind, only to get there and they didn’t have it? Yep, it happens to me all the time it seems. I actually usually try…

Vanilla pudding apple cream pie

It could be that you already know what kind of pie or pies you’re baking this week. Or if you’re super lucky, you’ll be the one on the receiving end and just enjoy a piece, or three (hey, I’ll never judge you).

But if you’re still playing around with ideas or if you’re not sure whether you even want pie I’m here to convince you to have a go at this vanilla pudding apple cream pie. It was the star of the weekend for me.

vanilla pudding apple cream pie

It snowed on Saturday and I got so excited! I thought we were getting the first real snowfall of the season. But it only snowed for a few hours and then the next day there were no signs of it left. Whyyyy?