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Cinnamon maple peach sauce waffles

These cinnamon maple peach sauce waffles make an incredible breakfast that can be enjoyed by a crowd! A great recipe to transition from Summer to Fall and easy to put together. The waffles are buttery and crispy, while the fresh…

Crispy waffles + bananas baked in ricotta

I don’t know if it’s all the donuts or the cold outside or if I’m just being hormonal but lately I have been craving bigger breakfasts. Bigger, fatter, sweeter. Remember smoothies? Well, they’re my plan C now. Cereal or porridge make plan B and pancakes or these waffles with bananas are plan A. Who doesn’t love a good waffle on a cold morning?

It actually started the other way around with this recipe. I didn’t originally want waffles, I thought of a topping before I considered them as the base. Syrup is good, but if you can put something better on a waffle, then you should do it. These bananas baked in ricotta are a twist on a recipe I’ve had since 1997. I promise I am not making this up. I once mentioned this already, but I have a notebook from the after-school cooking classes I went to when I was 6 till I was 9 years old. These weren’t professional, they were created by our teacher and just really fun. We all had to pick some after school activities, and unlike singing in the school choir, these cooking classes also taught us all some skills and we often went home with bags of baked goods. […]

waffles with bananas baked in ricotta