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Vegetarian chickpea lasagna Bolognese

Back when I posted the cauliflower pesto recipe, I mentioned that my mom’s spaghetti Bolognese was my favorite dish, well one of many. While I don’t miss eating meat, I do really miss my mom’s cooking. And one of the things she did best was a lasagna Bolognese, obviously very similar to spaghetti Bolognese, but with a lot more cheese.

vegetarian chickpea lasagna bolognese

Every layer in her lasagna was perfection – she was absolutely picky when it came to meat and so the Bolognese was always amazing, the béchamel was creamy without any lumps, the pasta layered just perfectly and she never got skimpy with cheese. And the best part was that she always made a lasagna so big, plenty was left for later. And honestly, leftover lasagna quickly heated in the oven or microwave tastes divine, although I also always stole a few bites while it was still cold too.

Savory pancakes with a fried egg and spinach

If my life was a cartoon and I was a cartoon character my skin would be green right now, with the amount of spinach I eat. Kind of like how Violet turned into a blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But, as you know, spinach is in season right now and I’m taking full advantage of it. And it goes so well with these savory pancakes, I’m telling you right now you need to make them ASAP.

savory pancakes with fried egg and spinach

When it comes to pancakes, I prefer my pancakes sweet. Nothing wrong with savory versions AT ALL, but pancakes I want to eat with Nutella and whipped cream or mixed with fruit. Rok, on the other hand, has his limits with sugar, especially when it’s time for breakfast. And so I decided to make the best savory pancakes I can. Something we can enjoy for brunch or have as dinner, because having breakfast for dinner sounds so damn good. Doesn’t it? […]

Spinach leek flatbread

I always seem to go back to spinach. Whatever I cook, spinach is bound to pop up soon enough. And for the past few days I’ve been really thinking about my love for it and where does it come from? I don’t remember a specific time, I just know I’ve always loved it. My immediate association is always Popeye, I used to watch that, but as much as kids can be influenced by stuff on TV, I don’t think I ever liked spinach because of him.

I do remember my mom’s creamed spinach and so I guess that was what made me love it so much; along with Swiss chard which I thought for a long time were one and the same. My mom’s aunt had a garden and for years she grew insane amounts of Swiss chard, so we always got bags of that in the summer. I still remember sitting behind the kitchen table with my mom, with bags of Swiss chard on the floor and bowls on the table, watching TV while ripping the stems out of the chard. Once everything was trimmed, my mom rinsed it and bagged it for later use. […]

spinach and leek flatbread

Colorful cabbage and potato salad with beans

It’s starting to look and smell a lot like Spring around here and I love it. The days are longer, trees are full of tiny buds, the birds are chirping again and it’s getting warmer; so warm I’ll have to start wearing my spring coat soon. I wish it could stay like this all year. I spoke to my grandma a few days ago right when she was in the garden putting her flowers in and it really made me wish I had a garden. I hope I do get to have one some day. I have some indoor plants right now and I want to plant some herbs too, but there’s only so much I can do. But I love the idea of having your own garden and watching everything grow. My grandparents have been doing it all their lives, they grow their own vegetables, have a few fruit trees, even grapevines, and their little house and yard are completely decked out in lovely flowers.

colorful cabbage and potato salad with beans

Although I just shared a perfect Spring salad, I thought I’d share a more wintry too. This cabbage and potato salad is colorful, but uses produce that has been in season (at least here) for months, so everything is easy to get and very, very affordable. You can’t really beat something that is good yet cheap, right? I picked up the habit of adding potatoes to salads from my mom. She always did that, especially during the colder months, to add some bulk and flavor to her greens. […]

Crispy chickpea spinach salad with a mustard dressing and feta

I’m afraid some of you think all I eat is pancakes and waffles, because I really don’t. Just thought I should throw that out there. While I love to indulge in sweet treats and often think “I wish I could eat this allll the time”, that’s not really what I want. I think that idea is really nice in theory, but could never be real life. I just don’t think you can feel good if all you eat day in and day out are pancakes, waffles and similar. I would challenge you all to try it, but I don’t want to give anyone a heart attack. Because life is really all about balance and food is no exception. And to balance out all the sweet things, here is a salad.

crispy chickpea spinach salad with mustard dressing

Now, I’m still getting there, and this recipe is definitely helping, but Rok eats a salad for lunch almost daily, which is my new goal now. And it makes perfect sense to have something nourishing, but fairly light for lunch when you’re working. Heavy food can make you feel sluggish and that’s not exactly ideal when you have work to do. Back when I still had an office job, I sometimes ordered a salad too (when I had the time to actually eat it in peace) and I have to say, looking back, it was definitely one of my favorite lunches. […]

Mom’s vegetarian Salad Olivier

Whew, this week didn’t start out as planned. I originally wanted to share a delicious chocolate hazelnut meringue cake with you, but that obviously didn’t work out. I baked both meringues in the oven at the same time, so they weren’t both positioned at the same height which was a big mistake because one of them ended up being undercooked. That was a big fail and I still get mad when I think about it. Meringues seem easy to make, and I still think they are, but it all comes down to the oven and cooking time. I did improvise a bit in the end, so we did have a dessert to enjoy after dinner, but I just couldn’t post that as a recipe, there was really no point. I will go back to it one day and share a proper recipe with everyone. I was so over desserts for a day or two though, that I decided to make something completely different. A salad, but not just any salad, the best, most indulgent salad in the world – my mom’s vegetarian Salad Olivier.

vegetarian salad olivier russian potato salad mitzyathome
Where do I even begin? I have been wanting to make this for months now. December is the big “Salad Olivier” month and I am so happy it’s finally here! Seriously, I am not overreacting. Salad Olivier, also known as Russian potato salad, is a holiday staple where I live. And it’s more than that, it’s a celebration staple. People serve this at gatherings, birthday parties, at any family event, and it’s always a big hit. When a bowl of this appears on the table, people reach for it, almost fight over it. It’s one of those situations where you wish you could just keep the whole bowl right there at your plate, but we all have to be fair and kind and pass it around. So, you take a few tablespoons, enjoy it greatly and then wait to see if there’s any left in the bowl in the end. As a host, I love to make a bigger batch and save some for breakfast the next day. Salad Olivier, fresh bread and some cheese – that really is a killer breakfast, really, what more could you want on a sleepy Christmas morning? Besides coffee of course.