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Lip-shaped sugar cookies

Guess what?

We have snow! I guess this is nature’s way of telling us we’re supposed to stay inside and cuddle all weekend long. Eat sugary food, play games, have a drink or two. Although it’s already melting, because winter is being stubborn and is refusing to give us proper snow, but that’s okay, I am sticking to my plan.

lip shaped sugar cookies

Rok and I aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary for Valentine’s day, it’s not a big day for us. I think maybe when you’re single there is this impression that it’s a huge holiday, because everyone is talking about it, but I think it’s not as big as some make it seem. Even when I was single, my girlfriend and I would just give each other chocolate and have fun like that.

Instead of celebrating the holiday in an over-the-top manner, I always choose to bake something fun and buy heart-shaped chocolates. And it’s really got nothing to do with my relationship status, I’d do it either way. …

DIY Funny Valentine’s day treat bags

I don’t know what the situation is like in your area, but over here, pretty much every store has a “red” section at the moment, dedicated to the upcoming Valentine’s day. Heart-shaped lollipops, chocolate boxes filled with pretty pralines, chocolate flowers, cards,…