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Bruschetta-style tomato mozzarella toast

Bruschetta-style tomato mozzarella toast makes the perfect breakfast or lunch! Made with fresh, sweet tomatoes and milky mozzarella, it is simple yet extremely satisfying! I am dreaming of Fall and apple recipes, but at the same time I’m trying to…

Roasted tomato soup + cheesy sour cream toast

roasted tomato soup

10 days without a new post. Can’t say that I’m proud of that. But if June and July were easy breezy beautiful covergirl, August has been tough. Well, it’s been nice in some ways, we’ve had some rain and on some days it felt like we were already in October which made me really happy, but other days were tough.

cheese sour cream toast
My camera, the only proper camera I have to take photos with for the blog, broke. It actually stopped working as I was making this soup, which makes this recipe special on a whole new level.