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Summer tea blend DIY

Make your own loose leaf tea with this easy Summer tea blend DIY tutorial!  It sometimes seems as if all we discuss during summer is vacation, ice cream flavors and drinks. Do you feel like that too? As we float…

Cold brew mint blueberry iced tea

I’m currently listening to the sound of heavy machinery right outside my window. Well, the actual rumbling, digging, sand dropping is happening 5 storeys down, but it feels closer than that. They’ve been working on this street since last year…

Winter tea rum punch

The quickest way to warm up in the winter is with a glass of this winter tea rum punch! I am doing the most cliché festive thing whilst writing this post – watching Home Alone! I’m at the end of…

Orange + apple peel tea

Drink tea!

The one sentence I’ve said more often than any other in the past two weeks. I wake up and think of tea even before I think of coffee. I take a sip of that coffee, followed by two sips of tea. I go out on coffee dates but order tea. It’s tea this, tea that. I’m obviously going crazy with it because it really helps my throat, but a cold or no cold, tea is good, there’s no denying that.

orange apple peel tea

I have a few favorites, all very basic tastes like chamomile with honey, ginger with lemon or mint. I’ll sometimes buy “special” mixes like evening tea or energy tea, whatever that means. It’s fun and I don’t need much convincing to try a different blend. I do drink a lot of coffee though, and tend to stick to herb and fruit flavors because of that.

orange apple peel tea cinnamon
This is autumn aka apple season and there’s a lot of apple peeling happening, for things such as this apple sauce or fregola with caramelized apples and let’s not forget apple pie. That means being stuck with piles of apple peels and cores. And while I wouldn’t describe myself as being extremely frugal, I actually am to some extent. This apple peel tea is proof.