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Fried zucchini salad + tartar sauce

There’s a pizzeria in my hometown that serves what they call a fried salad. It’s made of lettuce. mixed with fried zucchini, eggplant and fried cheese, tomatoes, corn and a dressing similar to tartar sauce. It’s very good and super indulgent. The last time I had it was years ago, when I still lived there.

fried zucchini salad tartar sauce mozzarella

I rarely eat fried food, which is why I don’t feel bad on those occasions when I do. When I crave that fried salad, I make my own version at home. Sometimes I make it with vegetables and mozzarella sticks, on other days I prefer to make it with fried zucchini. While the pizzeria’s salad has a few different fried components altogether, I prefer to include only one at a time (either fried cheese or zucchini, but never both at the same time).