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Vegetarian chickpea tuna salad sandwich

A protein packed meal you can throw together in minutes! This vegetarian chickpea tuna salad sandwich is surprisingly simple and quick to make. Lemony chunky chickpea spread is sandwiched between soft sourdough, sweet tomatoes and crisp lettuce, making every bite…

Cheese mustard veggie sandwich

Well, you’ve probably already heard this, but Full House is back. Well, it’s Fuller house now. I’ve only seen 1 1/2 episodes by now as I just can’t really get into it. It does bring back a lot of memories though.

All that time when I was watching the first episode, I kept thinking “OMG I really was DJ!” I loved Full house when I was a kid and I really felt like DJ alllll the time. I had chubby cheeks like her, long brown hair styled the same way, I even wore similar clothes. I could try to find some pictures for you guys, but I’m a bit too embarrassed for that. My cheeks and hair are still the same though, luckily the clothes are different.

cheese mustard veggie sandwich

But I did end up digging up some photos anyway, just to show to Rok. And it’s then that I realized I never print out photos anymore. Do you do that?

The ultimate tomato fried egg sandwich

There are days when I don’t feel like having a big dinner or days when my head is too tired to deal with a new recipe and everything I would usually make just doesn’t seem appealing. Those days I call sandwich days.

A sandwich can be just as good as a cooked meal, it’s just made a lot faster and I’m all for fast meals these days. This fried egg sandwich is a big favorite in our home. It’s done in no time, but is so filling that I hardly have room for dessert after this.