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Make ahead Mediterranean quinoa bowls

I got just the right post-holiday thing for you – Make ahead Mediterranean quinoa bowls! I’m kind of still in recovery mode after a 4-day weekend, so forgive me if I’m both over enthusiastic and less than at times. Not…

Puffed quinoa date energy balls

When in doubt… make these.  You will not believe this, or maybe you will, but… we still have December chocolate left. And it’s been messing with our snacking habits. Honestly, this happens every year. Between all the birthdays and holidays,…

Refreshing red quinoa salad with peas, beans and herbs

After that lasagna recipe, I thought it was time to share something lighter and more refreshing. It’s gotten really warm around here and so I’ve been thinking of salads a lot more and enjoying them a lot more too. And with the modest garden I’ve planted, I really want to make more recipes that call for a lot of herbs.

refreshing red quinoa salad
Thinking of what to make I turned to Yotam for inspiration. I am a big fan of his work and his cookbooks will make your mouth water more than any other out there, in my humble opinion. My eyes got stuck on a red quinoa salad from Plenty More, the mention of parsley and lemon was enough for me to give it a try.