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Easy pizza beans toast

I like to say that I could eat pizza for every meal and maybe that’s true. I honestly don’t want to try, because chances are, the dream is better than reality. So to satisfy my constant pizza cravings, I reach…

Coconut chocolate popcorn

Is going to the movies a thing that enjoy doing?

I’ve been thinking about this lately as it’s something I do like to do, but not a thing I do often. There are so many movies that I’ve rented on iTunes instead of going out. And sometimes I prefer to just wait for them to get on Netflix. The latest one we’ve rented is The Martian and you have to watch that ASAP! It’s beautiful and smart and fun.

coconut chocolate popcorn
But sometimes we do go out to the movie theater. I prefer to go to the smaller ones and if we’re lucky only a few people are there at the same time. That’s just the most amazing feeling ever, to sit in an almost vacant movie theater. It gives me the comfortable feeling of being at home, but there are no distractions (I have cats, so…), the screen and the acoustics are on another level and there’s popcorn! …

Simple quick vegetable stock

Can you imagine making dough without flour? Or coffee without coffee? Or milk? I can’t. Just like I can’t imagine making a soup without vegetable stock.  Using it has become so natural for me, I put it into everything. If I don’t have any, water is fine, but I prefer the extra flavor stock gives to soups, stews, sauces, risotto, etc.

simple quick vegetable stock

And I do have a vegetable stock recipe on here. I never read it when I make stock at home, but I did purposely read it the other day and I made the awful realisation that I usually use only half of the vegetables listed in that recipe. Or sometimes I use some that aren’t listed at all.