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Quick creamy cauliflower soup

Ahhh…. March. It’s here. We’re finally, yet slowly, saying goodbye to a surprisingly long winter. The sun now sets at 18:03, which is absolutely wonderful. We’ve also had some sunny days, which is even more wonderful, because I was getting tired…

Mustard sour cream potato salad with parsley

I was talking to Oma today and she told me it’s snowing where they live. I would love some snow! I actually wouldn’t mind spending some days at her house. My grandparents’ house is really a small wood cottage, built right next to a forest with only a few houses nearby. I always feel very relaxed when I’m there.

mustard sour cream potato salad

Over here, it’s been raining all day long. It only snowed for a very short time around 8 in the morning yesterday. And I can’t even call that snowing. There were just tiny flakes floating around, nothing worth remembering. I also spotted some saffrons already blooming. Transitioning into Spring is always very interesting. …