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Spinach leek flatbread

I always seem to go back to spinach. Whatever I cook, spinach is bound to pop up soon enough. And for the past few days I’ve been really thinking about my love for it and where does it come from? I don’t remember a specific time, I just know I’ve always loved it. My immediate association is always Popeye, I used to watch that, but as much as kids can be influenced by stuff on TV, I don’t think I ever liked spinach because of him.

I do remember my mom’s creamed spinach and so I guess that was what made me love it so much; along with Swiss chard which I thought for a long time were one and the same. My mom’s aunt had a garden and for years she grew insane amounts of Swiss chard, so we always got bags of that in the summer. I still remember sitting behind the kitchen table with my mom, with bags of Swiss chard on the floor and bowls on the table, watching TV while ripping the stems out of the chard. Once everything was trimmed, my mom rinsed it and bagged it for later use. […]

spinach and leek flatbread

The best easy pizza dough

I talk so much about pizza around here (and everywhere else), I thought it was about time I shared a proper pizza dough recipe. Although I did share one ages ago, before starting this blog last year, but I have since removed it because it was just an archived post from my previous let-me-see-if-I-can-blog blog. A few of you may remember it, but if you don’t, don’t feel bad about it. I don’t.
Anyway, this is one of my Basics posts I want to do. Because if you’re like me and you like to cook, chances are you have a few basic recipes you always use, for making pizza dough, perfect crepes or basic pasta. If you don’t have the recipes, I hope you find mine helpful. There are many pizza dough recipes out there, which is wonderful and that’s what I find fascinating about cooking. How so many people can make the same thing but it’s still unique to them, everyone has their own version or way of doing it, and here’s mine.

best easy pizza dough recipe