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Buttery plum pie bites

I was going to start this post by telling you all about plums and how they’re the best thing you can have during this season, and how I didn’t even like them as a kid, but then life happened. And now I don’t feel like writing about plums anymore.

buttery plum pie bites

I got a call from a card management center and the woman on the other end of the line informed me of some odd transactions made with my Visa card. I didn’t notice anything myself, so I was shocked by it all. And confused and by the end of the day pretty pissed.

Card fraud when I’m really careful? When I rarely even use the card? When there are codes you need to enter that are supposed to protect you? What the hell? Well apparently this shit still happens and it can happen to anyone.

plum pie bites

Chocolate pudding pie with Nutella cream and peanuts

Happy first day of May everyone!

I am so happy to finally share this chocolate pie recipe. Seriously, I’ve been holding off for far too long. Not because this isn’t good, it is actually, it’s very good. And not that I’d ever say no to chocolate pie or that I need good reason for making one, but I still somehow can’t fully justify making a pie every week (on top of everything else), eating it all the time. But the time has now come, because I want you to make this over the weekend.
chocolate pudding pie with nutella cream and peanuts