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Blueberry mascarpone cream pie (tart)

Perfect dessert to celebrate summer with, this blueberry mascarpone cream pie (tart) is made with a sweet tart shell and filled with a generous amount of velvety smooth mascarpone cream. Topped with wild jammy blueberries that take it to another…

Best puff pastry apple hand pies

Truly the best puff pastry apple hand pies! When you’re looking for a quick fix, these hit the spot every time. Made with easy store-bought puff pastry and a mixture of grated apples, these are baked quickly and produce a…

Blueberry pie cookie bars

Easy to make blueberry pie cookie bars that satisfy every berry, cookie, buttery pie craving you might have this summer!  This is one of those recipes that makes turning on the oven so worth it! I guess every recipe is…

Slovenian apple pie

If there’s one thing that I need to bake during the autumn and winter months it’s apple pie. There’s just no way around it. It’s Slovenian apple pie, to be more specific, although I’ll take anything with apples, including strudel…

Vanilla pudding apple cream pie

It could be that you already know what kind of pie or pies you’re baking this week. Or if you’re super lucky, you’ll be the one on the receiving end and just enjoy a piece, or three (hey, I’ll never judge you).

But if you’re still playing around with ideas or if you’re not sure whether you even want pie I’m here to convince you to have a go at this vanilla pudding apple cream pie. It was the star of the weekend for me.

vanilla pudding apple cream pie

It snowed on Saturday and I got so excited! I thought we were getting the first real snowfall of the season. But it only snowed for a few hours and then the next day there were no signs of it left. Whyyyy?

Poppy seed + sweet zucchini pie

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t sure if sharing this recipe would be a good idea. The pie itself is great and definitely worthy of sharing, but since I’m using zucchini and we’re in the last week of October I feel like I’m really pushing it ingredient-wise. I don’t want to share something you can’t recreate in your own kitchen and I try to stick to seasonal ingredients because of this.

poppy seed sweet zucchini pie

But fingers crossed you live in an area where you can still get some zucchini, after all this is still October and we’re not buried in snow just yet. I know a lot of food gets imported and we can buy produce out of season, but I try to avoid that because the difference in taste is noticeable (and the price higher).