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Chocolate dipped coconut peanut granola bars

I’m eating the last granola bar of the second batch made in the past 2 weeks as I write this. Two batches in two weeks sounds a lot but it’s really not. Granola bars are a great snack and both Rok and I love them, so we always have them on hand. And if you’re wondering whether I’ll make another batch soon, the answer is hell yes (!), I will.

Granola bars and me go way, way back. When I was in primary school my mom often tucked one in my bag whenever we went on school trips, and when I was in school I lived off them. They were often my only snack at work or breakfast at college and they are still my snack of choice. Speaking of snacks, years ago I bought those round plastic containers that protect your apple/orange/other fruit when you carry them around in a bag. Totally great and useful, but when compared to a granola bar, they still take up more space and as good as a Golden Delicious is, it’s just not a granola bar. That’s why the plastic containers are now collecting dust in one of the drawers.

coconut peanut granola bars