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Coconut Nutella cinnamon rolls

Super soft and flavorful coconut Nutella cinnamon rolls that you’ll want to make every weekend from now on. This is an easy recipe that lets you make these cinnamon rolls overnight, splitting the work in two parts. The dough is…

Pistachio Nutella cinnamon pinwheels

I have the easiest, most delicious recipe for you guys! I’m telling you right now, you need to put these pistachio Nutella cinnamon pinwheels on your grocery list ASAP. We have a – 5 simple ingredients, major flavor, done in…

Nutella-stuffed chocolate banana bread muffins

Banana bread gets a makeover! I give you Nutella-stuffed chocolate banana bread muffins. It’s my grandfather’s birthday today. Seems appropriate that I share a double chocolate recipe, because nothing screams birthday like chocolate and besides, my grandfather Martin has the…

Chocolate pudding pie with Nutella cream and peanuts

Happy first day of May everyone!

I am so happy to finally share this chocolate pie recipe. Seriously, I’ve been holding off for far too long. Not because this isn’t good, it is actually, it’s very good. And not that I’d ever say no to chocolate pie or that I need good reason for making one, but I still somehow can’t fully justify making a pie every week (on top of everything else), eating it all the time. But the time has now come, because I want you to make this over the weekend.
chocolate pudding pie with nutella cream and peanuts

Triple chocolate crepes

Pancakes. Oh, do I love me some pancakes. My mom was the absolute crepe queen. She made the best non-greasy, almost paper-thin crepes with a tiny crunchy edge. She spread Nutella over them while they were still warm and then she rolled them into crepe cigars. They’ve been my absolute favorite ever since I was a little girl. And let me tell you, when you spread Nutella over a warm crepe and then eat it cold, once the Nutella has completely melted, you really get the best crepe possible.

And whenever she made them, she made plenty. She never saw the point of putting in the effort and then making only 5-10 crepes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you dedicate the time to crepes, why not throw in an extra egg, extra flour and some milk and make a double batch? And so she did. She made 20+ at a time. Enough for us to have as a dessert after dinner and for breakfast the next morning. She was smart like that. Busy moms always are. […]

triple chocolate crepes

(Paczki) Doughnuts with Nutella

With  the carnivals behind us, I thought it was time to share these with you. We call them krofi in Slovenia, but they are essentially the same thing as the Polish paczki or German krapfen. They are made with a …