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Cheese mustard veggie sandwich

Well, you’ve probably already heard this, but Full House is back. Well, it’s Fuller house now. I’ve only seen 1 1/2 episodes by now as I just can’t really get into it. It does bring back a lot of memories though.

All that time when I was watching the first episode, I kept thinking “OMG I really was DJ!” I loved Full house when I was a kid and I really felt like DJ alllll the time. I had chubby cheeks like her, long brown hair styled the same way, I even wore similar clothes. I could try to find some pictures for you guys, but I’m a bit too embarrassed for that. My cheeks and hair are still the same though, luckily the clothes are different.

cheese mustard veggie sandwich

But I did end up digging up some photos anyway, just to show to Rok. And it’s then that I realized I never print out photos anymore. Do you do that?

Mustard sour cream potato salad with parsley

I was talking to Oma today and she told me it’s snowing where they live. I would love some snow! I actually wouldn’t mind spending some days at her house. My grandparents’ house is really a small wood cottage, built right next to a forest with only a few houses nearby. I always feel very relaxed when I’m there.

mustard sour cream potato salad

Over here, it’s been raining all day long. It only snowed for a very short time around 8 in the morning yesterday. And I can’t even call that snowing. There were just tiny flakes floating around, nothing worth remembering. I also spotted some saffrons already blooming. Transitioning into Spring is always very interesting. …

Crispy chickpea spinach salad with a mustard dressing and feta

I’m afraid some of you think all I eat is pancakes and waffles, because I really don’t. Just thought I should throw that out there. While I love to indulge in sweet treats and often think “I wish I could eat this allll the time”, that’s not really what I want. I think that idea is really nice in theory, but could never be real life. I just don’t think you can feel good if all you eat day in and day out are pancakes, waffles and similar. I would challenge you all to try it, but I don’t want to give anyone a heart attack. Because life is really all about balance and food is no exception. And to balance out all the sweet things, here is a salad.

crispy chickpea spinach salad with mustard dressing

Now, I’m still getting there, and this recipe is definitely helping, but Rok eats a salad for lunch almost daily, which is my new goal now. And it makes perfect sense to have something nourishing, but fairly light for lunch when you’re working. Heavy food can make you feel sluggish and that’s not exactly ideal when you have work to do. Back when I still had an office job, I sometimes ordered a salad too (when I had the time to actually eat it in peace) and I have to say, looking back, it was definitely one of my favorite lunches. […]