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Easy cheesy mushroom baked ravioli

This easy cheesy mushroom baked ravioli is not only insanely satisfying, it is perfect for so many occasions. A mix of cheesy ravioli, crazy good mushrooms sauce and cheese; this dish is almost like a lasagna, without all the work.…

Wild mushroom magic risotto

Best risotto ever – Wild mushroom magic risotto!  I have been anxiously waiting for the chance to share my wild mushroom magic risotto recipe with all of you! It’s one of my favorite things to make, even if I’m not…

Savory crepes with mushroom ragout and eggs

It’s dark and windy out as I write this. The first leaves have fallen down and others are still changing color. The stores are stocked with pumpkins of all shapes and colors and I’ve been living in my Fall coat for the past week or two. I am really, really, reeeeally loving every minute of it. Fall is awesome and I can now safely say it’s really here, we’re past the half-summer-half-autumn phase.

savory crepes with mushroom ragout and eggs

The summer was very dry this year, but ever since the temperatures dropped we’ve also had quite a lot of rain. This is typical autumnal weather and it’s also very good for mushrooms. I can’t remember the last time I went mushroom picking, but I’m tempted to go this year. Whether I go or not, I’ll still be enjoying mushroom dishes.