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Golden spinach cheddar muffins

There is more to a savory muffin than just cheese. While sharp cheddar does make them super soft and flavorful, it’s the spinach mix that makes these golden spinach cheddar muffins incredible. And by that I  mean a combination of…

Olive oil broccoli muffins

Looking at all the latest recipes I posted, I realize I’ve been depriving you of some serious carbs. I mean sure, I made some pancakes…. but I’m talking savory carbs. Like these olive oil broccoli muffins!

Nutella-stuffed chocolate banana bread muffins

Banana bread gets a makeover! I give you Nutella-stuffed chocolate banana bread muffins. It’s my grandfather’s birthday today. Seems appropriate that I share a double chocolate recipe, because nothing screams birthday like chocolate and besides, my grandfather Martin has the…