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Creamy millet porridge with maple poached pears

I don’t know what it is with this day, if it’s the weather or maybe I’m still in Sunday mode, but I’m tired. All I’ve wanted to do today is lie on the couch and watch TV or read a book. I’ve done more than that, obviously, but oooh how I wish I was one of my cats and lying on the couch was my job. Right next to eating and getting all happy-high with a catnip toy.

maple poached pears

Sunday was amazing though. If you read this post then you know that I was in Planica! We slept for about 2 hours, before waking up with the birds on Sunday morning and walking to the train station at 5:45. …

Cauliflower millet soup with lemon

My cravings do really change with the weather or as much as the weather. It’s not that I didn’t already know this about myself, but it’s really clear now, with this cauliflower millet soup. I made this on a moody Sunday when it was both sunny, dark and windy out, the sky changing all damn afternoon and I kept waiting for the rain that never came. And what I wanted for lunch was something refreshing, but also comforting.

cauliflower millet soup with lemon

I’ve been loving spring so much all I want to do is toss salads together, but I should do more than just that. I stayed away from cauliflower for a while, because I see it as a winter vegetable and only that, which makes no sense. It’s a great vegetable, very versatile, so why not make use of it in other seasons?

Apple millet porridge

I’ve been trying to break this breakfast rut I’ve been in. This always happens to me, I go through phases of having the same breakfast everyday like it’s the best thing in the world and not trying anything else. Lately it’s been yogurt. Sometimes with a banana. Before that I was all about smoothies. Every now and then it’s cereal, any type of cereal. Occasionally I’ll have something else, like pancakes, but that’s rare. All these are great breakfasts, but they become boring after a while and I have to change things up. And so yogurt has been losing its appeal, because it is cold out and I don’t feel like having cold yogurt on top of that. And so I re-discovered millet, specifically millet porridge. […]