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Seven hearty breakfast recipes

Some may be surprised by this, but having a food blog and writing about food doesn’t mean I always make the best choices. Because I don’t and I think that’s completely normal (right?). On some days when I’m busy or just super late and out of time, I just have a banana with my coffee and don’t think about a real breakfast until much later, when I’m all weak and ready for lunch.

What I’ve realized is that having things written down on a list, a little breakfast menu if you will, can help so much. I skip the whole “what do I want? what’s in the fridge?” process and get right to it. Having a list also helps me plan ahead and have more versatile breakfasts, because I fall into a routine of having the same thing every day way too easily.

And I want you to have this list of options too, so here’s a selection of my favorite hearty breakfasts. The mornings are already a bit chilly here and some trees already have yellow or brown leaves peaking out. I’m really getting back in the mood for pancakes, waffles and apple smoothies. The smell of cinnamon alone makes me really happy. ‘Tis the season after all, and now don’t need an excuse to put it on everything.