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Make ahead Mediterranean quinoa bowls

I got just the right post-holiday thing for you – Make ahead Mediterranean quinoa bowls! I’m kind of still in recovery mode after a 4-day weekend, so forgive me if I’m both over enthusiastic and less than at times. Not…

Quick preserved lemons

Okay, after that teaser photo on Instagram, it’s about time I share this post with you. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know by now that I love lemons. Absolutely adore them. I try to put lemon juice or zest in anything I can. If I can’t do that, I just make some lemonade. And I’m also that person that can eat a raw slice without a problem, while I know some people shudder simply at the thought (my mom was like that).

quick preserved lemons

It’s true that I mostly use fresh lemons, but I’ve become a fan of preserved ones too. I love how the rind of preserved lemons is softer and can be used whole in a dish. And I also love the fact that preserved lemons are so easy to make at home. It’s one of those weekend projects anyone can do, you don’t need any special equipment, just a little time.

quick preserved lemons