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Orange banana bread with rum

I don’t even know where to start, all I want to say is that Fall is amazing! The weather has been so incredible, warm above average for this time of year. I honestly feel guilty if I’m cooped up indoors, instead of spending time out in the sun.

orange banana bread with rum

Clearly spending all my time outside isn’t realistic, I have stuff to do, we all do. But it’s hard! The perfect autumnal weather right now is the nature’s equivalent of a plate of fresh-baked, still warm, chocolate chip cookies that are placed on a table in front of you and you can’t have them. You can just watch. But no one can just watch that, right? You have to have at least one. Otherwise that’s just torture and I’m not playing like that.

Light macadamia nut milk

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared with you the fact that I have a lactose intolerance. I don’t normally talk about it, because I don’t think it’s a big deal, but with the ice cream season in full force, it’s the time of year when I notice it the most. I love ice cream, a little too much to be honest. And while the selection of vegan ice creams is pretty big, there’s just something about fatty gelato that keeps me coming back.

macadamia nut milk

I also love iced coffee, a little too much, and just dairy in general. But I have to limit my intake or I risk having (at least) a really bad stomach ache, the most often side effect for me, which happens fast after eating ice cream or even when I have full fat milk in coffee.