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April bits and bobs

Why do days go by so fast and how is it May already?

April was a very normal month, nothing too exciting happened. I feel the city is slowly waking up from the winter’s sleep, with the longer and warmer days, it’s now ice-cream o’clock all the time, the tourists are everywhere, the trees are bushy and beautiful and the Open Kitchen (food market) is livelier than ever. The first Beer and Burger fest happened in April and we went, of course. Vegetarian burgers, craft beer and fries; can’t say no to that, right? (Sorry I didn’t take any pics, will try to do that the next time we go.)

ljubljana in april mitzyathome

ljubljana in april mitzyathome

But maybe I can’t remember a lot about April because it’s May and I’m too nervous to think about anything other than what is happening in May! We leave for our trip in a few weeks!