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Easy creamed spinach lasagna

I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but … holidays are just around the corner!

If you’re giving me the side-eye because of that statement I don’t blame you, I’m giving myself one too. It is October 13th, way too soon to be thinking about the holidays, but I’m telling you they’re almost here. They’re hiding somewhere between all the pumpkins and Halloween decor, the cold and my refusal to wear a winter coat. I’ll turn around one day and it’ll be December.

easy creamed spinach lasagna

The stores tend to hurry with this and I sometimes wonder when we’ll start seeing Christmas decor in August, but so far so good, they’re pacing themselves and I haven’t seen anything yet, apart from the Halloween decor.

Vegetarian chickpea lasagna Bolognese

Back when I posted the cauliflower pesto recipe, I mentioned that my mom’s spaghetti Bolognese was my favorite dish, well one of many. While I don’t miss eating meat, I do really miss my mom’s cooking. And one of the things she did best was a lasagna Bolognese, obviously very similar to spaghetti Bolognese, but with a lot more cheese.

vegetarian chickpea lasagna bolognese

Every layer in her lasagna was perfection – she was absolutely picky when it came to meat and so the Bolognese was always amazing, the béchamel was creamy without any lumps, the pasta layered just perfectly and she never got skimpy with cheese. And the best part was that she always made a lasagna so big, plenty was left for later. And honestly, leftover lasagna quickly heated in the oven or microwave tastes divine, although I also always stole a few bites while it was still cold too.