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Cinnamon roasted almonds

Whether you’re looking for an easy, crunchy and sweet snack or the perfect holiday stocking stuffer and party treat, these cinnamon roasted almonds will not let you down. They are so easy to make and so tasty, no one has…

Tropical white chocolate bark

This tropical white chocolate bark is what my soul needs this week. Things have been all sorts of crazy over here. Some blog related, some just life.

tropical white chocolate bark with meringues

One of the flats in our building is getting renovated. The owners were nice enough to tell us all in advance, so I love them for that, but renovations are loud! And I get it, I really do. If I bought a place, the one we live in now or any place, I would probably rip out the whole kitchen and bathroom. That’s a must. If the floors were old, I’d rip those out entirely too.

Strawberry almond mushroom cookies

The cutest thing to ever make around Christmas are these Strawberry almond mushroom cookies! We have this saying for when the sky is orange-red at sunset. Something you start hearing as a kid and then it just sticks, even though…