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December bits and NY thoughts

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve wanted to write a more personal post for a while now, a recipe-less post, the kind I used to write. I like little updates, short monthly summaries of life. I hope you all had a great December. Mine was perfect. Although I spent half of it sick and some of it a bit annoyed over the hectic situation in stores, it was still perfect. The fact that I’ve been feeling poorly for the past two-three weeks really made me slow down and find pleasure in the little things. Rok real spoiled me with all the gifts he bought me and the cats have been really, really good around the tree. So far the ornaments are still intact, the lights still work and the white pillow I put under the tree for them to nap on is in use pretty much all the time. We saw a lot of movies last month and laughed probably more than ever. And let me tell you something, laughing while your whole body aches is not easy. And definitely not when every other laugh turns into a cough contest, but oh man, I’d do it again.

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