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Light Hugo cocktail (elderflower Prosecco cocktail)

hugo cocktail elderflower prosecco cocktail

The summer isn’t gone yet, but I’ve always felt like it ends the minute August ends. September to me has always been the month of new beginnings, a fresh start. In some ways even more than New Year. People are now back from their summer holidays, school has started this week, the city is coming to life once again, after a long hazy summer.

hugo cocktail

I’m very excited for autumn, but I’m not trying to rush things here. I actually like this semi-summer situation. The afternoons can still be crazily hot, but the crisper mornings and shorter days are a great reminder of what’s happening. We’re transitioning.

And I have the perfect drink for it, I have Hugo. A great summer cocktail, full of mint, florally sweet, bubbly and light; something to make a toast with, say goodbye to August and hello to September.

Sparkly clementine pomegranate cocktail

I just can’t stay away from drinks, can I? I was just raving about mulled wine, and here I am now with a cocktail. They’re both good choices, just work better at different occasions. Imagine drinking mulled wine after you finish building a snowman and you’re completely freezing, and then imagine drinking this sparkly clementine pomegranate cocktail after dinner with friends, chatting away into the night. Pretty sweet, right?