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Cherry beet smoothie

Oh boy, I’ve been a bad blogger. This little break I’ve had wasn’t planned AT ALL. A little while back I told you about me being sick and at that time I really felt like I was getting better, only to realize I was feeling a lot worse a day or two later. My doctor thinks I caught one virus and as I was recovering I caught another one. It’s unfortunate, but I have noticed a lot of people have been sick and I guess I just wasn’t careful enough when I went out. My blood tests didn’t show anything apart from me having a cold, so this isn’t anything serious, but it still sucks. I have a full list of recipes I want to share and I just haven’t had the energy to do anything in the kitchen.

cherry beet smoothie

I am slowly getting better though, with the help of medicine, tea and fruit. Chamomile tea with honey is my absolute favorite. When I was younger, my mom always made me tea that was a mix of mint and chamomile. That was my favorite back then. Clearly, my taste hasn’t changed that much. I do love different types of tea, but nothing makes me feel better and cozier than chamomile when I feel sickly. As for fruit, I’ve been loving clementines and red oranges. Clementines especially are a winter essential. They’re kind of like snow. I can’t picture a winter without it and […]