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Golden spinach cheddar muffins

There is more to a savory muffin than just cheese. While sharp cheddar does make them super soft and flavorful, it’s the spinach mix that makes these golden spinach cheddar muffins incredible. And by that I  mean a combination of…

Cheese mustard veggie sandwich

Well, you’ve probably already heard this, but Full House is back. Well, it’s Fuller house now. I’ve only seen 1 1/2 episodes by now as I just can’t really get into it. It does bring back a lot of memories though.

All that time when I was watching the first episode, I kept thinking “OMG I really was DJ!” I loved Full house when I was a kid and I really felt like DJ alllll the time. I had chubby cheeks like her, long brown hair styled the same way, I even wore similar clothes. I could try to find some pictures for you guys, but I’m a bit too embarrassed for that. My cheeks and hair are still the same though, luckily the clothes are different.

cheese mustard veggie sandwich

But I did end up digging up some photos anyway, just to show to Rok. And it’s then that I realized I never print out photos anymore. Do you do that?

Puffy cheese crackers for everyone

Ooh, let me just tell you something. All I want to do right now is sit on the couch, eat these cheese crackers, have a glass of beer and watch something, anything on TV. The reruns of Home Alone are back and I’m also catching up on How to get away with murder.

puffy cheese crackers for everyone

And that’s basically what I am doing today. Along with some cooking and cleaning. I slept in this morning and am working on getting into the “holiday” state of mind, as I came home completely wiped out yesterday.

Grocery shopping before Christmas is crazy. That is the one time in the whole year where people in stores and on the streets are just insane. The traffic, the nerves, the crowds and lines of people… pure madness. And, I know, who am I to say anything when I was there too?

Roasted tomato soup + cheesy sour cream toast

roasted tomato soup

10 days without a new post. Can’t say that I’m proud of that. But if June and July were easy breezy beautiful covergirl, August has been tough. Well, it’s been nice in some ways, we’ve had some rain and on some days it felt like we were already in October which made me really happy, but other days were tough.

cheese sour cream toast
My camera, the only proper camera I have to take photos with for the blog, broke. It actually stopped working as I was making this soup, which makes this recipe special on a whole new level.