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Quick creamy cauliflower soup

Ahhh…. March. It’s here. We’re finally, yet slowly, saying goodbye to a surprisingly long winter. The sun now sets at 18:03, which is absolutely wonderful. We’ve also had some sunny days, which is even more wonderful, because I was getting tired…

Cauliflower millet soup with lemon

My cravings do really change with the weather or as much as the weather. It’s not that I didn’t already know this about myself, but it’s really clear now, with this cauliflower millet soup. I made this on a moody Sunday when it was both sunny, dark and windy out, the sky changing all damn afternoon and I kept waiting for the rain that never came. And what I wanted for lunch was something refreshing, but also comforting.

cauliflower millet soup with lemon

I’ve been loving spring so much all I want to do is toss salads together, but I should do more than just that. I stayed away from cauliflower for a while, because I see it as a winter vegetable and only that, which makes no sense. It’s a great vegetable, very versatile, so why not make use of it in other seasons?