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Orange ricotta crepe cake + candied orange slices

Whew, I cannot believe it’s been a week already since my last post. How is it the weekend already?

I do regret not sharing this post sooner, because I had the pics and recipe ready ever since I posted this orange photo on Instagram, but it’s the writing of this (that you’re reading right now) that I’ve been putting off for too long.

Very blueberry layer cake

Very blueberry layer cake for when you really want ALL the blueberries! Oh, I made a cake. Just a short time after I told you about how I don’t like to bake when it’s hot outside. Which is still true,…

Apricot-almond upside-down cake

I think I couldn’t have picked a better cake to celebrate the arrival of Fall. I know anything with apples is usually a big hit, but apricots are still around and I can’t say no to that. The combination of…