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Orange yogurt Stollen french toast

Orange yogurt Stollen french toast. Get ready.  I just don’t know where to begin. I just… this recipe has all my favorites wrapped into one neat package. It’s really almost too much to handle, emphasis on almost.

Nutella-stuffed chocolate banana bread muffins

Banana bread gets a makeover! I give you Nutella-stuffed chocolate banana bread muffins. It’s my grandfather’s birthday today. Seems appropriate that I share a double chocolate recipe, because nothing screams birthday like chocolate and besides, my grandfather Martin has the…

Orange banana bread with rum

I don’t even know where to start, all I want to say is that Fall is amazing! The weather has been so incredible, warm above average for this time of year. I honestly feel guilty if I’m cooped up indoors, instead of spending time out in the sun.

orange banana bread with rum

Clearly spending all my time outside isn’t realistic, I have stuff to do, we all do. But it’s hard! The perfect autumnal weather right now is the nature’s equivalent of a plate of fresh-baked, still warm, chocolate chip cookies that are placed on a table in front of you and you can’t have them. You can just watch. But no one can just watch that, right? You have to have at least one. Otherwise that’s just torture and I’m not playing like that.

The ultimate tomato fried egg sandwich

There are days when I don’t feel like having a big dinner or days when my head is too tired to deal with a new recipe and everything I would usually make just doesn’t seem appealing. Those days I call sandwich days.

A sandwich can be just as good as a cooked meal, it’s just made a lot faster and I’m all for fast meals these days. This fried egg sandwich is a big favorite in our home. It’s done in no time, but is so filling that I hardly have room for dessert after this.