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Summer stuff + news + garden update

If you’re not new to the blog (if you are – hi!), you know that I share monthly recap posts, with thoughts on life or whatever I think stood out in the month that ended. I didn’t do that over the summer. Not on purpose at first, but as the summer months, very hot I have to add, went on I felt I had nothing new or interesting to say. Summer seems to bring everyone out of their caves, but on the other hand it seems to be the calmest time of the year, like life is put on pause.

Well, the monthlies are back now, a little late this month. I have to say that June and July were both very calm and simple. When the heat waves hit I spent days hiding inside, with icy water in my hand and a fan on the floor. The cats, miss Fergie, Peggy, and Kim, hated the heat too. They kept looking for cool spots on the floor, slept through most of the days and were most busy during the nights.