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Caramel Biscoff rocky road

Your holiday favorite – upgraded! This Caramel Biscoff rocky road is made with the addictive Biscoff cookies, crushed pretzels and plenty of soft caramels. A touch of pistachios on top makes this treat super enjoyable to eat. It is crunchy,…

Coconut apricot puffed rice bars

These chewy and naturally sweet coconut apricot puffed rice bars just might be your new favorite snack. They involve zero baking, very little prep and last for days. You can use them in your breakfast bowls or have one for…

Blueberry pie cookie bars

Easy to make blueberry pie cookie bars that satisfy every berry, cookie, buttery pie craving you might have this summer!  This is one of those recipes that makes turning on the oven so worth it! I guess every recipe is…

Buttery plum pie bites

I was going to start this post by telling you all about plums and how they’re the best thing you can have during this season, and how I didn’t even like them as a kid, but then life happened. And now I don’t feel like writing about plums anymore.

buttery plum pie bites

I got a call from a card management center and the woman on the other end of the line informed me of some odd transactions made with my Visa card. I didn’t notice anything myself, so I was shocked by it all. And confused and by the end of the day pretty pissed.

Card fraud when I’m really careful? When I rarely even use the card? When there are codes you need to enter that are supposed to protect you? What the hell? Well apparently this shit still happens and it can happen to anyone.

plum pie bites