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Wild mushroom magic risotto

Best risotto ever – Wild mushroom magic risotto!  I have been anxiously waiting for the chance to share my wild mushroom magic risotto recipe with all of you! It’s one of my favorite things to make, even if I’m not…

September + October bits

september october autumn

Welcome to November everyone! I thought I’d make another collective post, for both September and October, because I love doing these. Sometimes days go by so fast, that I just skip a month and here we are.

september october autumn

I’ve been saying it’s Fall for months now, but it really is Fall now. There are leaves everywhere and we’ve had the most amazing sunny weather I really don’t want this to ever end. The streets in the center of the city are filled with vendors roasting chestnuts and the wonderful smell is everywhere. I want this to last all the way to December and then we can just magically step into Winter and powdery snow. Wouldn’t that be fun?

(Italian pasta) Fregola porridge with caramelized apples

You all know that I love Fall, I say it all the time. Too bad for me that Fall isn’t loving me back. Last week really sucked, to put it mildly. Apart from the weekend it rained for a whole week straight. It was dark and it seemed as if it was 6 in the morning all the time, like we were in a constant stage of dawn. The cherry on top is the nasty cold I got a week ago, which at times looked more like a flu and only now looks like a minor cold.

table setting and sunset

Not to complain too much, I guess the good thing about all of this was at least the fact that I got sick during the bad days. When it’s rainy and dark out, spending time on the couch seems like the only good idea. When you’re ill it’s mandatory, no excuses needed. Between all the napping and tea making, I did catch up on my TV watching.

Buttery plum pie bites

I was going to start this post by telling you all about plums and how they’re the best thing you can have during this season, and how I didn’t even like them as a kid, but then life happened. And now I don’t feel like writing about plums anymore.

buttery plum pie bites

I got a call from a card management center and the woman on the other end of the line informed me of some odd transactions made with my Visa card. I didn’t notice anything myself, so I was shocked by it all. And confused and by the end of the day pretty pissed.

Card fraud when I’m really careful? When I rarely even use the card? When there are codes you need to enter that are supposed to protect you? What the hell? Well apparently this shit still happens and it can happen to anyone.

plum pie bites