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My first indoor garden: planting the seeds

It is no secret that I wish I had my own garden. And I really can’t wait to have one some day. I do know a garden needs work and care, for it to grow anything successfully, but I just love the idea of growing your own food. The joy all the hard work brings in rows of lettuce and other greens, small colorful peppers and that moment when you pull out your very own carrots from the ground; those moments when you can just grab a basket and go to the garden to pick things for lunch or dinner.

my first indoor garden

At the moment I live in an apartment without a balcony, and while I’m very happy with my living situation, a garden is the one thing I can’t have right now. I could find some land to rent, but I don’t think that’s practical or economical for a gardening beginner. But this year I’m not letting any of this stop me. I decided to create a small indoor garden, a row of pots on the windowsill.