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Slovenian apple pie

If there’s one thing that I need to bake during the autumn and winter months it’s apple pie. There’s just no way around it. It’s Slovenian apple pie, to be more specific, although I’ll take anything with apples, including strudel…

Vanilla pudding apple cream pie

It could be that you already know what kind of pie or pies you’re baking this week. Or if you’re super lucky, you’ll be the one on the receiving end and just enjoy a piece, or three (hey, I’ll never judge you).

But if you’re still playing around with ideas or if you’re not sure whether you even want pie I’m here to convince you to have a go at this vanilla pudding apple cream pie. It was the star of the weekend for me.

vanilla pudding apple cream pie

It snowed on Saturday and I got so excited! I thought we were getting the first real snowfall of the season. But it only snowed for a few hours and then the next day there were no signs of it left. Whyyyy?

(Italian pasta) Fregola porridge with caramelized apples

You all know that I love Fall, I say it all the time. Too bad for me that Fall isn’t loving me back. Last week really sucked, to put it mildly. Apart from the weekend it rained for a whole week straight. It was dark and it seemed as if it was 6 in the morning all the time, like we were in a constant stage of dawn. The cherry on top is the nasty cold I got a week ago, which at times looked more like a flu and only now looks like a minor cold.

table setting and sunset

Not to complain too much, I guess the good thing about all of this was at least the fact that I got sick during the bad days. When it’s rainy and dark out, spending time on the couch seems like the only good idea. When you’re ill it’s mandatory, no excuses needed. Between all the napping and tea making, I did catch up on my TV watching.

Apple millet porridge

I’ve been trying to break this breakfast rut I’ve been in. This always happens to me, I go through phases of having the same breakfast everyday like it’s the best thing in the world and not trying anything else. Lately it’s been yogurt. Sometimes with a banana. Before that I was all about smoothies. Every now and then it’s cereal, any type of cereal. Occasionally I’ll have something else, like pancakes, but that’s rare. All these are great breakfasts, but they become boring after a while and I have to change things up. And so yogurt has been losing its appeal, because it is cold out and I don’t feel like having cold yogurt on top of that. And so I re-discovered millet, specifically millet porridge. […]