Sunday reads

Today’s Sunday reads: food trends, cravings, and more…

Sunday read on Mitzy At Home - dirty bowls -

It’s been a long time since I shared one of these posts! I didn’t want to do any over the holidays and then other things took over… but here I am now.

So let’s just jump into my weekly favorites or things that caught my eye or just any other random thought, because you guys know I have a lot of those.

1) The photo up there is one of the outtakes from this recipe. I just had to include it in a post, any post, because of its raw beauty. I mean, it’s just dirty bowls…but they’re nice, yeah?

2) Ever wondered how to shut down a difficult conversation? Now you know.

3) The North American Indiana stunning collection of photographs.

4) Animals rolling around in snow – a must see. Admit you’re happier already.

5) Ten food trends that will shape 2017. 

6) Another thing to think about in 2107:  Insecticides could increase risk of diabetes. 

7) The First Mess cookbook now available for preorder! Gotta say I’m excited for this one.

8) Another movie on my watch-ASAP list: The Founder 

9) Craving right now:


Have a great week guys! 


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  1. Laura wrote:

    Thanks so much for the cookbook preorder link love. And thanks EVEN MORE for that link to the animals playing in the snow. Instant happiness is real 🙂

    Posted 1.23.17 Reply
    • Alice wrote:

      You’re welcome, Laura! I seriously love the book already. 🙂
      And yesss! Don’t know what I’d do without animal videos, haha.

      Posted 1.23.17 Reply