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Back with more Sunday reads. Today, we have: biggest pop culture food moments of 2016, festive recipes, vlogging…

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One week until Christmas! Which means one week until I get to open some more presents! I’m not gonna lie, I am excited. A bit for the presents but more for the simple fact that I will spend some time away from the computer. Well, that’s the plan.

I say “more presents” because I celebrated my birthday not too long ago and of course that means I had some unwrapping to do. The flowers pictured above were also part of the gifts Rok gave me. So pretty! I’ve always loved these buckets of roses!

And I ate cake for breakfast. Because that’s my birthday tradition. This year’s cake was a delicious chocolate banana cream cake, with equal amounts of filling and cake, and just thinking about it makes me hungry. Best cake ever!

And now here are some things that caught my eye this week:

1) Food and Wine made a list of the 50 Biggest Pop Culture Food Moments of 2016. Beyoncé with Red Lobster and Lemonade. Martha and Snoop. Gilmore girls and Roy Choi.

2) Rihanna Becomes First Woman to Win ‘Shoe of the Year’ Award! This is so cool! I bought myself the grey velvet creepers for my birthday and I am in love. They’re really comfy and just gorgeous.

3) You can be pretty much anyone if you  know your makeup. Even Taylor Swift. 

4) Americans are cooking less. What Does that Mean for Cookbooks? via Dianne Jacob  I think this could be true for other countries as well. I can see why people are cooking less, but knowing how to cook the simple stuff is an important skill to have and I wish we can keep encouraging each other to cook more and more.

5) Jessica from How Sweet Eats started vlogging! Do you like to watch vlogs on You Tube? Clearly I do! I love DITL (day in the life) vlogs the most I think, because ordinary things fascinate me for some reason. I especially love anything related to December like Vlogmas or 12 days of… whatever.

6) All the festive recipes I’m loving and want to try:

7) In case you’re looking for homemade gift ideas, definitely try my cinnamon apple pistachio soft granola! We’ve already eaten the whole jar, so I need to make more ASAP.


Hope you have a wonderful week!


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