Sunday reads

Back with another list of Sunday reads, thoughts, rambles… just everything really. 


1) I need to start with wine. If you haven’t had mulled wine yet this season, definitely make this apple mulled white wine ASAP. You’ll thank me later.

Sarah Jessica Parker shoe collection on Net a Porter. via Sunday reads at

2) Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a. Carrie from SATC has a shoe collection? I just found out today. Available at Net a Porter.

3) Speaking of shoes, I have to admit I don’t wear heels. I’ve always been a sneaker girl, but oh my shoooe, these Aquazzura velvet boots are so beautiful. And if I did wear heels and have an endless supply of money, I’d totally want all the Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots in my collection too. Gorgeous!

4) Two movies I really want to watch (very soon): Nocturnal Animals and The Girl on the Train 

5) On a more serious note, we’ve been warned.  We really need to take care of our planet better.

6) I saw these 10 kitchen makeovers and I can’t wait to build a kitchen from the floor up one day.

7) Pelin Keskin dined in the nude so you don’t ever have to. Umm, would you tell me if you wanted to?

8) Interesting read on the awkward dating world of Millennials. 

9) Food I want in my life right now: everything from Dominique Ansel’s Instagram. All those cronuts and churros and pies… I want to cry.

Another week is behind us! 


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