Summer 2016 Favorites

What better way to slowly say goodbye to summer than with a Summer 2016 favorites post?

Mitzy At Home - Summer 2016 favorites - Fenty fur slides, beauty, book, food and TV!

Truth be told, it doesn’t feel like the summer is ending because it’s still so hot out alllll the time. We had a cute date with autumnal weather only once in the last few weeks and I got to put on my beautiful Fall coat, but at the moment, as I write this post, it’s still incredibly hot.

Anyway, I first wanted to do monthly favorites on here, but weeks go by so fast that I really think having a seasonal thing is much better. It’s not like I buy new stuff all the time. And besides, 4 weeks isn’t nearly enough time to binge on all the shows and listen to all the music that defines my seasons. And which I feel need to be mentioned in a faves post.

And also I’m doing this because I want to have a list for myself, because I mention a lot of stuff in my recipe posts and then they get lost between apples and pasta. Having an organized list is handy.

Let’s just get to it, yeah? 


Artful Blogging magazine – This is a must. My article got published in the Autumn 2016 issue, which came out in August. Writing an article for a magazine is special in itself, but this spread features a ton of my photos and seeing them all in print just makes me so happy!

Animal Kingdom coloring book – I’ve wanted this for ages! Finally got it in June and I love it. It’s beautiful and just the right size. Some of the illustrations are very detailed and coloring them takes a lot of patience, which I normally don’t have, so I’m learning this new art of slow coloring.

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware – I bought a bunch of books, mostly beach reads, to read over the summer, even though I didn’t actually take a vacation and there was no beach for me to read them at. However, books can and should be read anywhere. This book was the only one that wasn’t summery, set during the winter months, it totally pulled me in. It’s very fast paced and easy to read, which I really enjoyed.


Fenty x Puma fur slides – YESSSS! When these first came out I didn’t go crazy over them, partially because they were sold out immediately. But when a restock happened at the end of July, I placed an order on August 1st and got them! And now I can be a happy Rihanna fangirl.
Myyy oh my, these are really comfortable. I only wear them at home, but they’re awesome. In terms of comfort, they remind me a lot of the Adidas Court Vantage, which make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. In comparison, the Superstars are super heavy. Comfortable, but just not the lightest shoes. Oh, and I should mention that the fur is faux. That’s the only way I play. 

Black is Eternal sweater from Zara – I’ve been eyeing this one since Spring. I don’t really shop at Zara but I couldn’t get this sweater out of my mind, so when I saw it on sale for 10 euros I just had to get it. Now all I have to do is wait for the weather to catch up, because I cannot wait to wear it!

Ren Evercalm cleansing gel – This has been my favorite for years now. It smells amazing, it’s gentle for the skin and I always feel so refreshed after using this. It doesn’t irritate my skin, which so many products do, and one pump is all I need, so this lasts forever. I can’t imagine dealing with summer without this.

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit – This is pretty much the best concealer I’ve ever used. The color match is perfect and the texture is creamy, but not heavy. As long as you use a good moisturiser first, this works perfectly. I usually skipped wearing foundation in the summer, but this was perfect for covering up spots / redness.


Anti (Deluxe) by Rihanna – I pretty much listen to this every day and it’s my favorite album of the summer. I’ve always liked Rihanna, but I was never a die hard fan. This album is different. Rihanna seems more grown up and I’ve changed too… Whatever is going on, Anti is my jam. I honestly love all the songs on it, which is rare for me.

Apple Music – I have to praise this service. It’s just worth the money. It’s great for discovering new music and for digging up old favorites that I’ve completely forgotten about. They do have a 3 month trial, which is really cool.

Stranger ThingsGahhh, I love Netflix. You know this by now and I know I’ll mention it over and over again. Anyway, Stranger Things is my favorite new show. Season 2 has been confirmed and I screamed a little when I saw the news. If you haven’t watched this yet, you have to. It’s nostalgia mixed with Super 8 and The X Files. The cast is brilliant, the cinematography beautiful. I really recommend it.

Gilmore Girls – Enough said, ha. I should stop putting this in my favorites because in my world there are the Gilmore Girls and then there are other shows. Anyone else excited about the revival?

OITNB – It only took me 3 years to get on the OITNB bandwagon, but it was worth it. I love how real this show is, but leaves some room for humour too.


Fentimans – everything by them! Their bottles alone are just the cutest, but when I see mention of pink lemonade or elderflower (pictured above) I am SOLD!

Tortilla chips + homemade guacamole – Can I have this 24/7? I can’t count the number of times we had guac + chips for dinner during the hottest days when being in the kitchen for more than 10 minutes felt like a nightmare. The only reason why I ever wish I lived someplace warmer, like California, is the abundance of avocados. We just don’t have the right weather here, so avocado season is short.

Buffalo mozzarella + burrata + local tomatoes + fresh bread – That’s pretty much a recipe right there! But this is one of my favorite Summer lunches or dinners. Nothing beats a sliced crusty, fresh loaf of bread, topped with juicy and sweet locally grown tomatoes and mozzarella or burrata. Y U M!

NOW, who is ready for Fall? I’m still taking advantage of the summer produce, but slowly and surely we are stepping into Fall and I can’t wait for apples to take over! Along with new TV shows, sweaters and mulled wine. 

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