September + October bits

september october bits of autumn

Welcome to November everyone! I thought I’d make another collective post, for both September and October, because I love doing these. Sometimes days go by so fast, that I just skip a month and here we are.

september october bits

I’ve been saying it’s Fall for months now, but it really is Fall now.  There are leaves everywhere and we’ve had the most amazing sunny weather I really don’t want this to ever end. The streets in the center of the city are filled with vendors roasting chestnuts and the wonderful smell is everywhere. I want this to last all the way to December and then we can just magically step into Winter and powdery snow. Wouldn’t that be fun?

september october bits - market
(Farmer’s market after closing.)
september october bits leaves

Daylight saving time happened, once again without me noticing at first. Not until I checked the clocks when I woke up on that Sunday morning. I don’t mind it too much, I just hate that I only have time until about 3 in the afternoon to get a good picture. And when it’s pitch dark at 5, I sometimes have to remind myself it’s not really 8 in the evening.

The youngest cat, little miss Kim, now wakes me up an hour early each day and I keep wishing she wouldn’t. All the girls (my cats) are really loving the weather though. After those crazy weeks of rain, October ended amazingly.
september october bits

Just like any other month, both September and October were full of coffee dates, good magazines and excellent food. Speaking of coffee, I love going out for coffee (or tea) right around sunset, I think that’s the prettiest time. Especially now when the streets are covered with colorful leaves and I feel like a kid when I walk all over them and they make a crunchy sound.

september october bits

september october bits
(Peggy being all cute with streaks of new autumnal reddish hair.)

september october bits
(Halloween chocolates and lady Fergie enjoying the sun.)

October finished with a bang, or my idea of a bang. No parties, but I did enjoy some Halloween chocolates and Trick ‘r Treat. And now I’m slowly getting into full festive / Christmas mode.

Hope you all have a fabulous November!


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