Red wine spritzer – 3 ways

two-toned cocktail of red wine served in glass with slice of lime

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Easy to make, super affordable and insanely drinkable!


  • 3 mini cans of soda (Fanta, Coca-cola, Sprite)
  • 1 bottle (750ml | 25.36 fl oz) red wine
  • ice
  • citrus slices 


  1. Take six glasses (around 10 fl oz or 300ml each) and add some ice to each one. Divide soda between the glasses (you’ll get two spritzers of each flavor). Top up with wine (1/2 cup or 125ml per glass). 
  2. Add sliced citrus, if desired, and serve. 


Sizes of soda cans vary from country to country, so you can easily just buy regular cans or bottles of soda and use whatever amount of soda you need. Mini cans have a volume of 7.5 fl oz (220ml) and one of these is enough for two spritzers. 

You want an equal amount of soda and wine in each spritzer, regardless of what size the glass is. If you find the ratio too strong, you can make the spritzer less boozy by adding more soda. 

Instead of serving each spritzer individually, you can make bigger mixes in pitchers and serve like that. 

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